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Greetings! I’ve been focusing on the real world lately and not had much time for Zim, but you can expect updates on the weekends from now on.

Does everyone know about the AWESOME game Dookie Drop at Well the guys at Art of Play are making ANOTHER awesome Zim game! They’ve been hard at work for a while and on Saturday morning they released a sneak peek picture of the new game.


The game (based on the episode “FBI Warning of Doom”) looks like it focuses on playing as Zim and collecting tacos, all while avoiding obstacles such as zombies and lasers. For more updates “like” Art of Play on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check back here!


Well guys, I have bad news for you all… The voice of our beloved Dib is going to be busy and out of the state during the weekend of InvaderCON, based off of the information InvaderCON has released I’d say he’s going to be filming for Psych, I honestly don’t know anything about Psych, but apparently it involves a pineapple… Based off of that alone I became hesitant to find out what it was. I’ don’t know if Andy regrets not being able to attend (based off of last year’s fan reaction), but I know that the fans will will be disappointed that he can’t(based off of last years fan reaction).

While I work on some stuff have a poorly thrown together picture with a poorly thrown together made-up-as-I-type story:

So, as Americans will know, it’s independence day, and upon seeing the fireworks in the sky Zim came up with a brilliant plan, he would disguise himself as Uncle Sam and tell America that this year everyone should launch the fireworks inside of their own homes, he would then laugh as America burnt on the night of their independence!!! Zim dressed up as Uncle Sam, but he discovered he was scared of stilts and couldn’t control them, he’s still trying to control them now, and I guess we’ll find out if he achieves control or not later!

Well guys, after MONTHS of the process, the Invader Zim tee design contest is finally over! It was so fun to be a part of, and let me just say that these are probably the BEST Invader Zim tees for sale. The prize money reached $1,402/$2,500, $3 more than I had thought it would. These are really great shirts and I’ll tell you about all of them:

The grand prize winner was Dora with her “Vitruvian Gir” design. This is a really cute and ingenious design featuring GIR as Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” Dora won the $1,402.       “I am hopelessly a fan of Gir. This idea popped into my mind while watching the intro – my brain made a connection between the blueprint of Gir and Da Vinci\’s Vitruvian Man. This is my humble interpretation.” ~ Dora.

While I was hoping for a shirt with Zim on it to win, this was definitely the best GIR shirt and I’ll probably end up buying it.

The Operation Head Pigeons judges’ pick was another design I’d had my eye on: Susan’s “Zappy Squirty Fate” This is a shirt with the four main characters that really captures the show during it’s fight scenes. Definitely worth the buy. It comes only with the silver background, not the white one.

InvaderCON’s pick was Nita’s “Tracking Device?” which was very amusing and one of my two favorite Dib tees that was entered, it comes with a royal blue background and, well… Looks like this:


The judges’ picks won $400 each! The other winners were:

“Secret Base” designed by Emily. Prize money: $150 (this is good, it doesn’t scream Zim to blatantly, but anyone who watched the show will recognize it immediately.)

“Who’s Who?!” Designed by Kaitlyn Carr. $150 (This is a very cute design!)

“Zim Conquers” designed by Joel. $50 (A good  “Zim rules you all” kind of shirt.)

“It’s a Dark World” designed by Rebecca. $50 (One of my personal favorites!)

“Operation Cupcake” designed by Dora. $50 (I believe this is by the same person who designed “Vitruvian Gir!”)

“Military Academy” designed by Stephanie. $50 (this one is also one that I had my eyes on!)

“Season one” designed by Ariadne. $50 (This tee actually features elements from every episode of Invader Zim from season 1!!!)

Every tee is $25 excluding taxes, I really advise checking them out because these are the best invader Zim tees around in my opinion and buying them expresses to Nickelodeon how much we love Zim, plus, quite frankly, they’re just cool. To see all the winning designs go here. I’d just like to say that all of the submissions were excellent and give a thumbs up to everyone who voted!!!

Are there any tees that you expected to go for sale that didn’t? I honestly thought that “Destroyer of Worlds” would!

Well, it’s been hinted at for a while, and it seems that it’s now official!!!  Rodger Bumpass will be attending DoomCON!!!!!! Rodger Bumpass was the voice of none other than Professor Membrane in Invader Zim!!! Professor Membrane is one of the most well loved supported characters. Not only was Professor Membrane the single father of Dib and Gaz, but he’s also accepted as one of the smartest (if not the smartest) people in the world. He has the brains to make a perpetual energy generator and super toast. And he’s entrusted with very important things, as he even has a crazy awesome lever that restores power to the Earth.

Rodger Bumpass is undoubtedly a very cool person. Born on November 20th, 1951, he’s 60 years old and still voice acting like a pro. While he’s done stage, film, and voice acting since the sixties, as far as I can tell he only does voice acting now. He’s probably best known for his roles as Squidward in Spongebob Squarepants, and The Chief in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? But we all know him as the guy who created super toast. Here’s an interesting piece of trivia I picked up: He was actually rumored to be dead in 2006, supposedly dying from heart surgery. His death was noted in the Arkansas State University (his college) alumni newsletter and IMDb (Internet Movie Database). He soon put a stop to those rumors and confirmed that he was in fact alive. I’m not quite sure how that happens, and where they found out he died, but he’s alive and well now, and it would really be neat to meet him at DoomCON!! From what InvaderCON has released so far Rodger will be at the Dinner of Doom, I’m Makin’ Waffles Breakfast, and he’ll be signing autographs!  So that’s one more thing to look forward to at DoomCON!


Voting Continues!

WELL DONE! Looks like enough worm babies have voted enough for the prize money to surpass $1,000!! It’s currently at $1,026, it’s not much of a difference, but it means that we’re doing well! For now you should continue to VOTE, and SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Voting has started for the Mighty Fine t-shirt contest!Go to, click vote, and rate every shirt on a scale of 1-5!